Our Approach

Our Approach.

What We Do.

Herbert White & Sons grow a range of specialist plants and cut flowers for the wholesale and retail trade within a range of iconic luxury and classic specialist plant brands. We currently supply the UK and EU but are looking to expand globally in the not too distant future. Our crops currently include paeonia, alstroemeria and dahlias as well as a range of shrubs and hardy perennials. Learn about our individual brands and their personalities on our brand pages.

The Plants.

We commercially grow a range of specialist plants in 9cm, 3litre and 5.5litre pots for both retail and wholesale partners. Alongside our commercial enterprise we are also cultivating plants for our own breeding and preservation programmes.

We are committed to becoming a centre for conservation and education for both paeonia and alstroemeria varieties in the UK while growing a sustainable and environmentally friendly business recognised for growing excellent quality plants for both the retail and wholesale horticultural industry. We are working with various recognised charities and associations to preserve a wide range of varieties for horticultural diversity in the UK as well as future generations. We hold the Plant Heritage National Collection for intersectional hybrid paeonia and Parigo alstroemeria varieties.

The Environment.

2020 has seen us start a comprehensive breeding programme of new varieties for both paeonia and alstroemeria. As our climate is continuously changing we are hoping to achieve hardier plant varieties within these species better suited to cope with future environmental impact.

Our mission is to grow healthy strong plants in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way for each crop. We ensure all the plastic we use on the nursery is recyclable and or recycled because peonies have to be grown for at least 2 – 3 years it means that all the current bio-degradable options are not viable for this crop currently. We use very little chemicals on the nursery to encourage wildlife to still thrive on the 8 acre site. We regularly see deer, rabbits, newts, field mice, bees and other pollinators throughout the Spring and Summer months as well as a wide variety of birds.

The Nursery.

We believe in investing in people; striving to create a collaborative happy working team who can improve their knowledge and skills in growing our specialist crops. Their expertise in growing healthy and strong plants is as valuable as the crops themselves. Happy people means happy plants.

We have a number of teams who keep the soil turning over on our 8 acre site. The production team take care of all the planning of production for future seasons, caring for the plants on a daily basis as well as getting the exhibition stock ready for shows. The shipping team control all the orders for both retail and wholesale making sure the right plant, gets to the right place at the right time. The operations team make sure everything is running as it should be and every department is working as efficiently as possible. The communications team make enable us to have the right assets in place to be effective in our ever changing market place.

The Vision.

We are forging lasting relationships with likeminded, growers, charities and associations to share knowledge and support the British horticultural industry in order to promote the UK as a centre for diversity and preservation of the rich horticultural heritage that we share.

We want to partner with like minded brands and companies where we have a synergy on work ethic, audience and the environment. We believe that working to bring different sectors together with collaboration can enhance the public's awareness of the importance of horticulture and the role it will play in our future on the planet.

The Values.

At the core of Herbert White & Sons is a belief in hard work and the good results that diligence and teamwork brings. They expect everyone they work with to have integrity and be enthusiastic in everything they do and in turn they always honest and maintain a positive upbeat attitude within the company together with all current and new projects or partnership ventures. HWS respect all of their staff and families and have made a commitment to both the team that help run the nursery and brand partners that they will always give 100% to make sure they maintain a sustainable and successful business.

Senior Management Team.

Managing Director

Alec White

Communications Director

Bronwynne Britt

Shows & Garden Director

Colin White

Operations Manager

Angela Oliver